Das Kinderdorf der Vier Erzengel
- Robinage -
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In the following pages we would like to inform you about the aims and the financing of the Robinage.

Objective target:
  • In a still intact and rural environment a residence shall be build up for about 200 mentally disabled, handicapped and parentless children
  • One ROBIN family consists of a couple of caretakers and two or three children, which provides an individual care
  • The housing occurs in the ROBIN Family Houses and in case of a required intensive care and support it occurs in the ROBIN Children´s Home
  • The appliance of modern therapeutic methods are adapted to the latest medical findings. Naturally, the Dolphin Therapy and the Aloga-Hippotherapy are part of the care
  • We aim for integration. The residents of the Children´s Village take part in activities and cooperate actively
  • Education and vocational education are aided. This affords an adequate support in the independence of the residents according to their ages and abilities
  • A high degree of self-management is aimed by an own organic farm
  • As well, the Children´s Village will be utilised as a conference and an event center for external users, guests and visitors. Comfortable housings are available
  • The dependence of energy recovery will be reduced by the insertion of alternative energy generation